Andrea Festa


Andrea Festa, musician, producer, was born in Lugano in 1976. It will be perhaps for its neapolitan origins, is the music that moves him, his greatest passion. Andrea Festa begins to play in 1987, when at home, he amused himself to scratch on hip-hop discs. In 1988 he begun to cultivate its passion for the electronic house, acid music, and techno, with the classics of Chicago and Detroit schools.He played from 1990 in a lot of Swiss rave parties, like Garden of Eden, Cubik, Energy, and in the first afterhours working with legends like Laurent Garnier, Damon Wild, Mike Dunn, Roy Davis jr., Prodigy, Jeff Mills, and in the Swiss radio. In 1995 he was resident at famous Prince club in Lugano, playing with house Gods like Lil Louis, Masters at Work, Tony Humphries and David Morales. In the year 2005 after years of passion and music he founded the AFR label. Andrea Festa Records opens its activity with Alterego MinimalLego, a naïf but true experiment in old-skool dynamics. After a couple of releases Andrea was ready to develop his sound and imaginary with the publication of the double CD “The Sound Of Lugano”, half his material, from house to techno stuff, and half reinterpretations by Chicago, Detroit and Rome legends like Mike Dunn, K-Alexi, Terrence Parker, Terrence Dixon and Max Durante. Its DJ sets are a continuous exploration of techniques and flavours in the Minimal, Deep House, and techno universe, always searching new emotions. He wants to connects its work with the mood of when house music was in full evolutionary phase. Maintaining to that genuine attitude the style is evaluated naturally with the sonority of the new millennium. In its set he selects exclusively the better music electronic in circulation. After the album Andrea Festa keep on groovin bombs between techno and house, old and nu skool with the collaboration with Lars Eckhmann on the 12” Hellectronique on Bacteria Records, and the new devastating "Basic Acid". Four versions, the original on the A side is one of that demolitors with stabs that you simply can't stop playing- On the B side two remixes, the first by another legend, Woody Mc Bride, with his moniker DJ ESP on a dark-ravey techno assault that makes you think how great were the 90's, and the other one by Andrea Festa himself, with a builder that gives the right meaning to the word "minimalism". 



Andrea Festa

Str. di Pregassona 43c 

6900 Lugano Pregassona

Tel:0041 76 526 50 92

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